Client Results

These are just a handful of the thousands of clients we have helped fix their pectus without surgery.


Coy - 20 from America

Coy has completely transformed his physique in 1 year of our training. He went from skinny with posture accentuating his pectus to an amazing physique with a hardly noticeable case of Pectus. He described the training as "life-changing" and commented on how many compliments he received from his peers on how fast he transformed.


Jon - 45 from South Africa

With a more severe case & being 45, Jon shows no matter how extreme your pectus or how old you are you can make a massive change.  His muscular development in conjunction with Vacuum Bell Therapy has resulted in a significant body transformation & reduction in prominence of his pectus. Jon's transformation has taken a year & is still in the works. He has signed up for another year to continue his journey.


Ruslan - 28 from Russia

Ruslan was able to build an impressive lean muscular physique which has masked his pectus. His described the training "as the best investment he ever made" & that he is "feeling better in his body, he gained muscle, strength, confidence, healthy eating habits & also implements yoga which has increased his well-being".


Wyatt - 44 from America

Through extreme dedication to the Program Wyatt has been able to completely transform his body. From an out of shape 'skinny-fat' physique that made his pectus look way worse than it is to a shredded awesome physique with a hardly noticeable pectus in just 9 months.


Jake - 17 from America

Jake's results took only 8 weeks. He had a better starting point than most with already prior gym experience & a foundation of muscle.  When asked about the program Jake answered "I feel great. I have changed my body so much".


Joel - 16 from America

Joel described the training as “life-changing”. He gained 20lbs of muscle & made his pectus so much less noticeable by building a lean muscular body & opening up his posture. He did all the training at home to! His transformation is truly inspiring!


Dor - 20 from Israel

Dor has a severe case of Pectus Excavatum that was being accentuated by his body composition & posture. By losing fat and turning the 'potbelly appearance into abs he was able to drastically reduce the rib flare & sunken chest appearance. 


Glen - 42 from Australia

Glen has a more severe case of pectus & has successfully put on muscle in conjunction with Vacuum Bell Therapy to transform his body & make his pectus a lot less noticeable. Glen is still working with me and as we continue to build a better lean muscular physique & develop his inner chest & abs his pectus will be improve even further.


Oscar - 21 from Sweden

In only 3 months Oscar was able to build 13kgs of Lean Muscle & completely change his physique so much so that his pectus is now hardly noticeable! He describes Rileys coaching as "life changing & would highly recommend this to anyone with Pectus Excavatum".


Erik - 23 from America

Erik was a typical case of Pectus Excavatum in which being extremely skinny was greatly accentuateing his Pectus. Putting on mass enabled him to completely transform! He said the “the training & coaching completely changed his life and gave him the confidence boost he needed”.


Victor - 17 from Russia

Victor has gotten extremely muscular with the training & has been able to make his Pectus hardly noticeable in doing so. He says he has "gained a lot of confidence & strength & now he is really confident in his body".


Michael - 28 from America

Michael has built a lot of confidence in himself & his body with the training. His case of Pectus is a more mild case but now after 1 year of the training you cannot tell he even has Pectus.


Pectuswarrior - 15 from America

Pectuswarrior wanted to remain anonymous but his transformation is one of my best client results. In 1 year he gained 50lbs, built so much muscle, opened up his posture & consistently used the Vacuum Bell to completely transform his body & overcome his pectus!


Mathias - 23 from America

Pectuswarrior wanted to remain anonymous but his transformation is one of my best client results. In 1 year he gained 50lbs, built so much muscle, opened up his posture & consistently used the Vacuum Bell to completely transform his body & overcome his pectus!

1:1 Coaching with Riley is very exclusive with limited availability.


Jerome - 20 from Switzerland

Jerome has utilized the Vacuum Bell in conjunction with the training to completely fix his Pectus without surgery. He has built an impressive lean muscular physique, fixed his posture & successfully used the Vacuum Bell to create a permanent lift in his chest.

Mike - 45 from Canada

Mikes transformation is a testament that age is just a number, being in his mid 40's, he proves it's not too late to utilize exercise to fix pectus.  His transformation is also a testament that being lean is a key component of this. Losing the fat in his torso & developing his core & obliques really minimized the visual extent of his sunken chest & flared rib appearance.

Krige - 14 from Africa

Krige has built an incredible physique and has made his pectus hardly noticeable in doing so. He said "this program really changed my life I was never confident taking off my shirt in front of people but now I do it easily and I'm way more confident".

Richard - 17 from America

When Richard started he had no exercise experience, bad posture & body fat accentuating his pectus. Richard completely changed his life with this program & fell in love with training. He developed an awesome body with great posture & as a result his pectus is hardly noticeable & he is now confident in his body.

Thomas - 14 from America

Thomas's transformation was done at home training with only dumbbells, a bench & bands. His transformation shows that at 14 & without a gym membership you can fix your pectus without surgery!

Roy - 22 from Netherlands

Roy was one of our fastest client transformations. He put on 10kgs of muscle in only a couple of months and completely minimized his pectus appearance!! 

Gabe - 25 from America

Gabes transformation is from a couple of years of coaching. He has built an incredible physique and put on a lot of muscle around the indent to mask the condition. His lean muscle and ab development has helped improve his rib flare.

Caden - 14 from America 

When asked about his results from Riley's Coaching Caden answered "I went from being super skinny to being one of the strongest people in my grade. I now have the confidence to take my shirt off whenever. I don’t even notice that it’s there anymore most of the time."

Marley - 27 from Australia

Marley's transformation only took 2 phases! He already had a base of muscle and with his dedication to the program & all elements within it (training, nutrition, stretching) he has been able to build a lean muscular physique which masks his mild case of pectus in just 10 weeks.

Will - 14 from America

At 14, Will has made drastic improvements to his pectus in just a 6-month period. His case is an asymmetrical case which is very common and shows just how effective building muscle, with a focus on unilateral movements to even out the imbalance can be.  

Linus - 18 from Switzerland

Linus had a very common case of Pectus Excavatum. A minor indent but very prominent flared ribs. His transformation highlights how developing abs & obliques & also your pecs so they protrude more than the ribs can really mask the rib flare appearance associated with pectus.

James - 17 from New Zealand

James already was in good shape at the start of this journey but through fixing his rounded shoulders posture & developing more lean muscle he was able to completely mask his pectus & build a body he is now confident in!

Oisin - 21 from Ireland

Oisin claimed the training has "changed his life". Before beginning the training he was extremely insecure in his body with no idea about how to workout & horrible rounded posture that was greatly accentuating his pectus. Now he looks awesome, his posture is straight & his pectus is hardly noticeable.

Archie - 19 from the UK

Archie was able to build a lot of muscle with this program & completely hide his pectus. More importantly, with the program he achieved his #1 goal which was to be confident to take off his shirt in public. He said "Lots of people have come up to me, surprised of my progress and have asked me how I have changed my body from a skinny kid to what I am today. Never in my life would I imagine looking like this".

Dylan - 25 from America

Dylan has gained so much confidence in his body & made his pectus so much less noticeable with my training. He lost body fat & become lean & aesthetic to really mask his pectus! & the rib flare / potbelly appearance.

Chavez - 15 from Australia

Chavez has utilized the Vacuum Bell & my training to completely fix his Pectus without surgery. Due to his age, Chavez had the ability to lift his sternum & create a permanent change with VBT. With his hard work and consistency he has achieved an amazing result.

Adam - 22 from America 

Adams transformation is only from a couple of months of following the program I set for him. This result is purely from exercise and shows just how powerful sculpting the pecs & developing a lean muscular physique can be on masking pectus.

Kyle - 16 from America 

Kyle's transformation took half a year. He has built an incredible body & put on the lean muscle in the right places to mask his pectus. Kyle said the program I set for him is a "10/10 and this is only the beginning".

Ivan - 35 from America 

Ivans transformation epitomizes the fact that exercising to fix pectus requires a lifestyle transformation. In order to achieve the physique that makes your pectus hardly noticeable you have to drop bad habits like excessive drinking, junk food & laziness. Ivan was able to do this and the result speaks for itself.

Beau - 42 from United Kingdom

Beaus transformation has only taken a couple of months. Losing fat & developing lean muscle in key places for pectus was the target for Beau. He was able to achieve this and his pectus looks so much less noticeable now.

Michael - 30 from America 

Michael had the typical 'pectus posture' plus skinny-fat physique before starting my coaching. With the workout programs I gave him and the diet strategy + stretching regime he has been able to build an incredible lean muscular physique and mask his pectus in the process.

David - 27 from America 

David's transformation highlights just how much building an impressive physique disguises pectus. Upon close analysis, you can see his sternum looks similar but his abs, sculpted pecs, wide shoulders & buff arms draw attention away from the chest deformity and make it hardly noticeable.