How Exercise Can Fix Pectus Excavatum

exercise for pectus

A  typical person with Pectus Excavatum has tight chest muscles, poor upper body strength and bad posture.

By partaking in a pectus specialised exercises you can correct all of these problems, thus greatly improving the appearance of your body.

Furthermore, doing some specific exercises with strict form, and a mind muscle connection combined with manipulated breathing can potentially stretch your sternum out and pull your ribcage in which will eventually reduce the extent of your Pectus (see my transformation below)


Your bones are moved by the muscles that hold them in place, for this reason I hypothesise that if you can alter your muscle structure you can alter the extent of your Pectus.

Additionally, the rib cage is a flexible bone system and can be to an extent altered in shape through following certain exercises with strict, correct form. This seems to have worked for myself and my clients.

The deformity will never go away completely without surgical intervention but you can reduce its prominence and increase your self-confidence and hence conquer the condition without surgery.

Weight training is very beneficial for Pectus. Increasing muscle mass makes the concaved chest less noticeable and draws attention away from the ‘hole’.

Weight training will also help correct improper posture such as kyphosis which is correlated with pectus primarily due to tight chest muscles associated with the condition. 

Correcting this posture will immediately improve the look of your chest because this posture accentuates the sunken chest appearance and pot belly associated with Pectus Excavatum. (see image below)  I recommend checking out my article on stretching for Pectus posture



I want to clarify that by the wording exercise to ‘fix’ pectus I am not referring to making your chest completely flat, I am referring to the drastic improvement of the body resulting in a reduction of the prominence of the indent & rib flare.

I recommend checking out this video in which I go in-depth on exercise for pectus & exactly what to do and how it works.

If you commit to a pectus specialised exercise & stretching regime paired with proper nutrition within 8-12 weeks you should see a huge improvement in your body and be on the right path to transforming your body, confidence and life for good.

Eventually you should become so confident with your body that you are no longer negatively emotionally affected by having pectus. This is what I define as fixing pectus.

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