Fix Pectus Excavatum Rib Flare

pectus excavatum rib flare

Rib Flare is a bone deformity in which the rib cage is more prominent and 'sticks out'. This is commonly associated with Pectus Excavatum.

For Pectus Excavatum Sufferers Rib Flare can be more of an issue then the actual indent itself.

I was born with Pectus and also had really significant rib flare which I was able to drastically reduce through exercise (see my transformation below)

To improve rib flare an individual must partake in specialised stretches & exercises in conjunction with a nutritious diet to see a drastic visual improvement.

Improving rib flare through exercise involves a bodybuilding routine with a lot of abdominal and oblique exercises. Strengthening the upper abdominals and the obliques is vital for tightening the ribs. Some key exercises for correcting rib flare include;

  1. The Ab Wheel Roll out
  2. The Cable Wood Chopper
  3. Hanging Leg Raises
  4. Side plank with reach through
  5. Medicine ball knee tuck

These exercises should be paired with a nutritious diet that is high in protein and natural organic foods for the best results.

Following a diet like this is key for acquiring a lean muscular ripped body which is key for correcting rib flare.

When performing any exercise or stretch focus on keeping your ribs down & tight and your chest up and proud with shoulders pulled back. The acquisition of this posture naturally is critical for the correction of rib flare.

Furthermore, Anterior pelvilc tilt (which is very common with pectus sufferers) will greatly exaggerate the visual extent of your rib flare and potbelly.  One of the causes for anterior pelvic tilt is a weak core so by strengthening your core you will also be improving the position of your pelvis which will reduce the extend of the ribflare/potbelly. You also need to losen your lower back & quads/hip flexors to combat anterior pelvilc tilt so I recommend checking out my article on stretching for Pectus Excavatum to learn more about this.

Additionally to combat the protruded ribs the first thing you must do is think “ribs down”  in day to day living.

Start right now from your chair. Place one hand on your upper abdomen and exhale through your mouth as your crunch your abs together. You should feel the abs engage and the ribs contract. This is what you should do as much as possible in daily life.

Your breath is also another factor to take into account. The exhale is incredible important. When you exhale, the ribs automatically depress. This creates the abdominal engagement you need. A sharp exhale is best done through the mouth as you approach the finish or peak contraction of any abdominal or oblique movement.

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