Pectus Excavatum Side Effects

Pectus Excavatum is a condition where the chest wall caves in resulting in an indent in the middle of the chest.

Despite the obvious visual effect of pectus there are many other issues typically associated with it.

These include: 

A kyphotic spine
Scoliosis of the spine
Rib flare
Rounded shoulders
Twisted hips
Anterior pelvic tilt
Marfan's syndrome
as well as mental health issues

Pectus is not only a physical deformity but also often leads to depression, anxiety and lack of confidence.  

Most people with pectus have a negative body-image and they believe the extent of indented chest is worse than it is.

The reality of the matter is most people do not care about your chest and are too consumed in their own world to judge you on it.

You need to walk with your head high and chest out. Be confident with your body and who you are, this will make your condition less noticeable for a physical reason that your posture will improve but also because you will mentally begin to become happy with your body, this happiness will transfer into more energy and you will work out harder, eat better and live happier.  

People can have it much worse, so be grateful for what you have and do not let Pectus consume you. Your mindset will shape your life and if you are positive, happy and confident you will benefit dearly from this.

My recommendation to overcome these side effects is to:
Commit yourself to working on your mind through meditation, journalling, positive self talk, goal setting & also committing to a weights based regime to improve the actual appearance of your pectus condition.

Building your muscles and correcting your posture through exercise can do wonders to minimise how prominent your pectus is.

Enjoy the journey of improving your condition and embrace the fact that you have pectus and have the opportunity to minimise the cosmetic extent of the condition through exercise.

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