Rude Things People Say When You have Pectus Excavatum (How to Respond!)

rude things people say when you have Pectus Excavatum

Having Pectus Excavatum is often more of a psychological condition than a physical deformity. The hardest part for a lot of us is the lack of self-esteem & the worry that others will judge us for being different.

Unintentionally or intentionally often people do judge or hurt us with their words.

Out of negligence, ignorance, or simply being nasty, people will sometimes do or say things that can be rude & hurtful.

For me personally, I have encountered numerous situations where people have said or done things in regards to my Pectus that I found offensive & made me feel insecure in my body.

The two most common situations I encountered are 1. People staring at your chest or 2. People asking "what happened to your chest?".

Both are normally done out of ignorance not malice.

 If you have this deformity and encounter these situations its important to recognize its not a personal attack & people are just ignorantly curious as your chest is unique. 

The best response in these situations is to smile at the individual & be confident in yourself & educate them that you have a deformity called Pectus Excavatum and that you are in the process of making it look better with exercise & stretching. Everyone has something about themselves they are self-conscious off so hopefully, this inspires them to start working on bettering themselves.

In an alternative situation, if someone is genuinely mean please don’t take it personally as it doesn’t speak about you, but about them!

I have a video which dives deeper on this topic so you can check it out below:

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