The Best Exercise for Pectus Excavatum

pectus excavatum exercise
 For the best results in regards to masking Pectus Excavatum through exercise a variety of exercises should be utilised.

But...if I had to chose one exercise, it would be the Dumbbell Pullover.

Why is the dumbbell pullover so great?

It stretches the chest wall & sternum, It builds the backs & the lat, it helps correct posture, it builds the chest in particular the upper and inner chest & through my pectus specialised technique it works the core and you can concentrate on keeping your ribs tight to help with minimising rib flare.

So how do you do it? Grab a dumbbell that will be a challenging weight for you and result in the 8th-12th rep being very hard to complete. Concentrate on having perfect form and getting a proper muscular contraction & stretch

Watch the video below for the pectus specialised technique & explanation

Focus on keeping your ribs tight & your core flexed throughout the entire set. Additionally remember to breath. Inhale deeply as you stretch the dumbbell over your head and focus on pushing the chest out and stretching the sternum. Then exhale as you pull the dumbbell back and ensure your core is strong & ribs are tight. Another important key for this exercise is to have a slow time under tension to ensure you can optimise the stretch to maximally stimulate your chest muscle.

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