Top 10 Exercises to Fix Pectus Excavatum


Pectus Excavatum can be greatly improved through exercise without surgery. Just look at my transformation below. I achieved this result just with exercise


Below are the Top 10 Exercises that can help you improve your case of Pectus Excavatum.

  1. Dumbbell Pullover:

The first exercise is The Dumbbell Pullover. Hitting both the chest and back muscles, this movement offers a fantastic stretch for your chest while building the muscles in your back & chest as well.

By developing your back & stretching your chest, you can improve your posture, which plays a vital role in minimizing the appearance of Pectus.


  1. Crush Grip Press:

When it comes to pressing exercises, the Crush Grip Press is an absolute staple for pectus excavatum

  • It activates your chest through adduction & pressing
  • it's easier to get a great mind-to-muscle connection with which is often hard to achieve in pressing movements


  1. Cross-Body Incline Chest Press Machine:


This is another great exercise for sculpting those full, round pecs we need to actually improve the pectus.

It's a unilateral exercise, helping you address any asymmetries associated with your pectus

BONUS: A crazy pump (if done correctly and with high intensity)


  1. High to Low Cable Fly:


The High to Low Cable Fly isolates the chest very well, especially the lower chest, which is crucial for making your pecs "pop" from your ribs. This helps create an allusion that makes your rib flare less noticeable.


It's an exercise that should be in everyone's toolbox, especially if you have Pectus.


  1. Seated Cable Row:


To balance chest training, back exercises are essential for improving posture.


And my favorite back exercise in the world is The Seated Cable Row.

  • It engages your traps, mid-back, and lats
  • It is simple, effective and you'll feel a great burn in your back

You might also feel instant improvement in your posture after completing this exercise. This is an absolute must for pectus, so don't miss out on it.


  1. Face Pulls:


Face Pulls are brilliant for pectus posture improvement.

By externally rotating your shoulders and activating your rear delts, it really helps fix the internal rounding of the shoulders. This rounding makes your pectus look deeper so we must fix this in order to improve pectus.

Many people are missing out on Face Pulls. Don't be one of them.


  1. Side Plank:


The Side Plank targets the obliques and core, helping stabilize and strengthen these areas, which are crucial for masking the rib flare.

It is also a unilateral exercise which will improve any muscular imbalances in your obliques. Therefore this exercise is extra great if you have an asymmetrical case of rib flare that is being exaggerated from uneven oblique strength.


  1. Ab Wheel Rollout:


The Ab Wheel Rollout is a great, but very hard exercise for strengthening the core.

When executed with a proper form, it provides an intense ab burn.  When you turn your flared ribs into a six pack it makes a massive difference! This exercise will help you build that.


  1. Cable Russian Twist:


Rotation exercises like the Cable Russian Twist are valuable for overall athleticism and combating rib flare.


Similarly to the side plank, this movement engages the obliques, promoting a more balanced & tighter midsection and less obvious flaring ribs.


  1. Front Squat:


Finally, we don't want to skip legs. The Front Squat is an awesome compound movement that not only engages the legs but also works the core.


Building strength in big compound movements can also have a positive hormonal impact on your body & increase overall muscle strength & size.



While these 10 exercises are fantastic for your workout routine, remember that they are not magic and they will not make your chest flat alone.


To achieve the best results, you need to combine these exercises into a solid program followed by

  • good nutrition
  • staying in a caloric surplus
  • eating enough protein
  • spending enough time sleeping and recovering


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