The Best Sleeping Position For Pectus Excavatum

sleeping position for pectus excavatum

Can a specific sleeping position improve Pectus Excavatum?

Everyone seems to think their sleeping position will have a huge impact on their pectus.

In fact, I remember as a kid googling this exact same question. This was over 10 years ago now. 

I experimented with different sleeping positions throughout my teenage years, and let me tell you...none will affect the way your pectus looks.

Yes that's right..sleeping on your side will not result in your ribs pushing out more (as I know it can feel like they are getting pushed out when you are in that position).

Rather than being concerned with your sleeping position you should more so be concerned with the quality of your sleep. So, therefore, sleep in whatever position will enable you to have the best nights sleep.

A night of good sleep will result in better recovery which will result in more muscle growth which will make your pectus less noticeable.

Obviously this muscle growth will only occur if you are exercising for pectus. If you do not know how to exercise for pectus then I recommend checking out this blog post

Watch this video below if you want to hear me go in more depth on the topic of sleeping positions and the effect they have on Pectus Excavatum.

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